Botman - first bot creator; thanks him whole bots could exist; he figured out how to get them to work under CS.
Count Floyd - creator of this bot; he supported and developed it a long time and released the sources of 2.6 version.
Pierre-Marie Baty - thanks him this bot could rebirth; he got it whole to work since 2.6 released version was a bit messed up ( :) ), ported it to metamod and suported it for few months in coding, bugs fixing and making it better; he created the special forum for this bot at BU.
sPlOrYgOn - after PMB - coder of it, he improved it according to the current requirements, developed and supported it and dedicated it much of his free time; also he prepared the new design of this document.
SoUlFaThEr - he created a big part of highest quality waypoints, tested this bot for long time and implemented with Austin and PMB new type of Waypoint Editor (the time of creating waypoints for the map is now reduced about 3 or 4 times); also he prepared the big part of the custom waypoints packs (for non-standard maps - these packs aren't the part of this bot install version, but You can find them at Waypointing forum at BU).
>BKA<T Wrecks - he created big part of highest quality waypoints and made the good tutorial (doc) about new waypointing for this bot; also he prepared a lot of waypoints for custom waypoints packs (see above).
biohazerd87 - he prepared also a lot of waypoints for custom waypoints packs (see above).
Austin - he created with SoUlFaThEr and PMB Waypoint Editor (see above).
Huntakillaz - he prepared the base of this documentation (from original CF documentation) and modified banner design.
runab0ut - he prepared the initially banner desing of this documentation.
Ancient - he prepared the new www for podbot mm. He is also the latest/laziest waypointer for podbot mm.
KWo - beta-tester and the most complaining one ( ) to make this bot still better and better. Currently the latest coder of it.
>NvT<_KaszpiR_ - linux beta-tester; also he is hosting podbot mm files (useful if sometimes bots-united filebase is down during to maintenance works on the server).
BU members - beta-testers.

Any questions, comments, problems. Please read this manual carefully or check the forums before asking us.

This project would have not been born were it not for you users, so many Thanks to you people

And now don't waste time reading, Frag some Bots instead! Enjoy