Links And Files

  • Latest Release as a Fullpack

  • Latest Beta .dll

  • Latest Beta .so

  • All-In-One presetup pack

  • Steam Client

  • Metamod

  • POD-Bot MM Waypoints

  • POD-Bot MM Forums

  • Source Code

  • Configuration Files

I. Latest Release as a Fullpack

The latest full version release as a '.zip' can be found at the Bots-United Filebase under the POD-Bot MM category in Latest release sub-category.

It contains everything You need to play podbot including *.dll, *.so, waypoints, configs and botchats files. You just need to unzip it in addons folder and point the metamod to load it (see installation chapter).

II. Latest Beta .dll

The latest windows beta version can be found here. It is work in progress and not recommended to be used in general unless there was a serious problem with the latest release or something important was fixed.

III. Latest Beta .so

The latest linux beta version can be found here.

The latest linux_amd64 beta version can be found here.

Same as above - it is work in progress and not recommended to be used in general unless there was a serious problem with the latest release or something important was fixed.

IV. All-In-One presetup pack

The All-In-One installer contains - metamod, AMX MOD X (some latest version) and PODBOT mm. If You don't have idea how to install metamod, podbot and fun modes - use it. Just unzip everything into Your ..\cstrike (or ..\czero) directory and let overwrite all Your existing files. It works for windows and linux (but only 32bit linux).

You can take it here.

V. Steam Client

Steam Clients can be found here, current recommendation by steam to use is the 'steam_installer.exe' (~600kb)

VI. Metamod

Metamod is a required plugin for POD-Bot MM to be able to work. It's a mod, but not your ordinary mod, this mod works between the Half-life game and any plugin like POD-Bot MM or Statsme, you can have as many plugins as you want, you can even run multiple bots like Realbot and POD-Bot MM in the same game or make all players bleed alot if shot so you can track them down

Some Plugins Available

Metamod's Home is

VII. POD-Bot MM Waypoints

The waypoints for POD-Bot MM can be found almost anywhere so if you have a map with no waypoints then why not try a google search for them. POD-Bot MM can use any of the old POD-Bot v1.0 to v2.5 waypoints as well as the clones of POD-Bot (IvpBot, YaPBBot, E[Pod]Bot)


The only thing that you may find wrong with non-PODBot MM waypoints is that the bots will camp funny, this is because a correction was made to the POD-Bot MM - they were using camp vectors instead of angles. A simple waypoint edit if camp's can be done to fix this, Please check here for how.

POD-Bot MM Waypoints for standard maps

VIII. POD-Bot MM Forums

POD-Bot MM forums it's the place for discussing about POD-Bot MM. If  you have any Idea's, Bugs, Or Questions regarding POD-Bot MM then this is the place you need to go, bot coders are also welcome.

But please before you post anything regarding the above or other please search the forums for a topic already made because it may be that someone has already posted something about it.

IX. Source Code

The source code is freely available to anyone who wants to use it. You can take it here.

X. Configuration Files

A copy of the configuration files for PODbot comes with this document. It will contain any updates that have been done to PODbot Config's. You can use them as reference to change your one or completely replace yours.

Configuration Files

You can find also the config files for podbot in bots-united filebase in this place.